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what we do

Dazen Elevator was established base on Residential lifts Manufacturer, who is Elevator and elevator parts full solution provider.

  • Passenger Lift
    Elegant and Novel Design, vast and bright space, combinable ceiling, car wall and floor, suitable for personal requirements and expressive of nobility.
  • Glass Elevator
    Own exquisite visual sense of beauty and perfect comfort. It brings you comfortable using experience, makes you enjoy happiness in short journey.
  • Hospital Elevator
    Fully reflect the human-oriented design principle and create a moving space full of comfortable and heartwarming feeling. The soft light and simple hues will remind you at every second of the gentle care from Dazen Hospital Elevator.
  • Cargo Elevator
    Specially designed to meet the requirement for heavy load according to demands of various commercial buildings and industrial buildings. While meeting the cargo delivery of factories, production lines, warehouses, shopping malls,shopping centres,exhibition hall and other places,they are more safe,stable and eco-friendly,with high efficiency and enery-saving effect,and ultimately provide you with idea cost-effective solution.
  • Home Elevator
    Adopt Germany Technology ,create more convenient and comfortable mobile space for family and equip suitable style for your villa flexibly according to your construction, makes your family lead a luxurious villa life.
  • Escalator
    Dazen Escalator is well-received by vast customers because of the enery-saving and environmental protection design concepts,the imposing and gracefull outline model.The Superior performance design and the multiple optional functions can more flexibly meet the requirement from both the commercial and public traffic&transport.It’s a unique product which has specially been custom-made for you only.

who we are

As a famous

China Panoramic Elevators Company and Residential Elevators Manufacturers

,Dazen Elevator was established base on elevator manufacture, who is Elevator and elevator parts full solution provider.

We own stronger research and technical team from Otis,Kone also manufacture with 6m/s high speed testing tower and more than 5000set elevator production capacity,make us not only able to provide high competitive elevator and parts, but also provide the most strength protection for elevator safety.
Powerfull production system and technical team makes us build completely product series which include Passenger elevator,Home elevator,Cargo elevator,Hosipital elevator,Glass Elevator escalator and all kinds of Elevator components. We take quality management as the foundation of the enterprise,Our product are Qualified with ISO9001-2000,ISO14000,CE certification ec. Powerful service internet and install team makes us build relationship with customer come from European,Middle East,South American,South East Asia.And also we finished lots of project both in domestic and overseas.